DIG – privacy policy for job applicants

If you apply for a job at DIG we will process your personal data to facilitate the entire job
application procedure on the ground of your consent.

After the procedure, we will delete your personal data as soon as possible, unless we have
informed you that we require it for other purposes. The following personal data can be
processed for the job application procedure:

Any personal data that you provide through our job application form including, but not
limited to:

• Full name, email address, phone number, picture, cover letter, résumé, LinkedIn
profile and which job you have applied for;
• Statuses, notes and planning related to your job application;
• Email communications.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your personal data. You can also
contact us with requests to exercise your rights under European Data Protection Law. Such
rights include the rights to access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, data
portability and object.

If you have any requests or questions with regard to your personal data you can contact us at: